Commercial finance is a challenge for more businesses than ever before. A financial institution’s decision to terminate lines of credit or reduce financial assistance can be catastrophic. Occasionally, the borrower realizes financial obligations can no longer be met as agreed, and a restructuring is necessary. The orderly resolution of these issues is essential. However, achieving this goal requires the experience of counsel that understands both the client’s problems and the financial institution’s available options. I have represented real estate companies, manufacturing plants, construction companies, commercial tenants, medical groups, golf courses, hotels and many individuals subject to personal liability in this delicate but always critical process. Business debt can often be modified to allow both the borrower and the lender the comfort they need, despite the fact the original deal has gone bad.

Identifying Problems and Finding Solutions
With problem loans, the faster the issue is addressed, the easier it is to correct. The solution may involve debt restructuring, forbearance agreements, agreed reductions in the interest or even the principal amount of a loan. Failure to successfully resolve these issues with the lender can result in often unnecessary litigation, cash flow crisis, or business dissolution. My goal is to assist you in making choices that keep your business running, providing you with the opportunity to return to a state of profitability.

Business Operations and Jobs at Stake
The closing of a business due to financial problems obviously affects more than just the owner. A commercial loan workout can save jobs and business relationships.