Help for Commercial and Developers and Contractors

Like any business, owners and contractors often require legal advice and representation to protect their interests. This office is well-versed in construction litigation and can help you in all types of construction disputes, including:

  • Private lawsuits by owners or developers
  • Construction lien foreclosures
  • Construction lien claims
  • Surety and insurance claims
  • Claims related to environmental exposure to contaminants such as mold, asbestos, lead paint, and other chemicals or metals
  • Disputes or issues with other contractors or subcontractors and construction contracts
  • Enforcement of rights under the Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act
  • State agency actions

Construction related disputes can bring a halt to even the most well-planned construction projects. Whether the issue stems from contractual disputes between owners and contractors, non-payment to material suppliers or unauthorized or negligent work, the assistance of an experienced lawyer can assist in finding a cost-effective and efficient end to the dispute. The Pennsylvania Law Office of Joseph Caprara has devoted much of its practice to providing effective representation to owners, contractors and material suppliers throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania in a wide variety of legal issues ranging from mechanics liens to breach of contract litigation. Over the years I’ve represented many owners, contractors and subcontractors who have been the victim of breach by another party, overcoming onerous contract provision that restrict the client’s right to recover damages by proving the parties modified their contract by their conduct, and I have recovered costs, legal fees and interest under the Contractor and Subcontractors Payment Act. Success involves careful factual analysis and the skills of an experienced litigator