–   Secured a $20,000,000 real estate property tax assessment reduction for a commercial real estate owner.

–   Obtained a verdict in favor of a commercial landowner against a neighboring homeowner’s association which refused to reimburse client for its share of a joint maintenance agreement.  The trial court’s judgment also included an award of substantial attorney’s fees and interest.

–   Obtained a verdict in favor of a general contractor against a restaurant owner that refused to pay for additional work the client had performed under a construction contract.  The restaurant owner argued the contract required all change orders be in writing and signed.  The court held the general contractor successfully proved at trial that the parties changed the contract by their conduct and written change orders were not required.  The decision was upheld by the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

–   Enforced a multi-state restrictive covenant against a client’s district sales manager who accepted employment from a competitor in violation of his employment contract, then obtained a damages settlement from the competitor.

–   Successfully protected the personal assets of a physician in a medical malpractice suit that included a punitive damages claim not covered by insurance.

–   Obtained, from a large national commercial lender, an agreement to forgive a $3,288,000 judgment against guarantors, in return for withdrawal of guarantor’s appeal.

–   Negotiated, despite borrower’s default, a significant reduction in both principal and interest rate on multi-million dollar loan from lender.

–   Successfully defended guarantors from lender’s attempt to recover an additional $5,000,000 it was seeking after it had foreclosed on a large commercial property.  At trial, the court held lender failed to obtain the fair market value of the property at sheriff’s sale.

–   Obtained judgment against neighbors who impeded real estate developer’s ability to complete multi-unit residential construction project in a timely manner.

–   Negotiated, on the eve of trial, a six-figure settlement for an employee against his former employer who violated the Pennsylvania Wage Act.

–   Obtained a rare wine importer’s license from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

–   Successfully defended an employer before the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission for alleged violation of Family Medical Leave Act.  Complainant asserted the job offered by client/employer was not comparable.

–   Negotiated significant discount of seven-figure commercial obligation for client, and then negotiated a loan from a new lender to finance the discounted payment.

–   Successfully represented an ex-spouse in overcoming a trust’s spendthrift provisions.  In a case of first impression, the Orphans’ Court allowed trust distributions to be attached for the payment of alimony.